VIDEO: Woman dead after car park incident

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Police, firefighters and ambulance crews were called to Blackpool town centre after a woman fell from the fifth level of Talbot Road car park.

The emergency teams were called to the multi-storey car park around 2.15pm on Saturday after what officers called a “serious incident”.

Eyewitness Dan Martino said: “I had parked up in the Talbot Road car park. When I walked out, there were two or three police cars, two fire engines and a few ambulances.

“It appeared to be at the Iceland supermarket end of the car park. There were tail backs and traffic had backed up as the road was blocked.

“A lot of the other vehicles had left by 3pm – it has quietened down now. A line of police tape and a police van is now blocking the entrance.”

A spokesman for Lancashire police said: “A woman fell from the west side of the multi-storey car park. She was pronounced dead shortly after.

“We believe that she is a local woman in her 50s.

“Part of the car park, where she fell from and where she was found, is closed.”

Police believe there were no suspicious circumstances.