VIDEO: Watch as Facebook ranter sets £5 note trap...but ends up with £360 court bill

A Facebook revenge rant in which an angry man accused car wash staff of being thieves has well and truly re-bounded – landing him with a massive court bill.

Father-of-two Daniel Burke, 27, believed he had trapped the car wash employees by planting a £5 note in the seat of his BMW when he booked it is for a £60 “platinum” valet at Tesco on Clifton Retail Park.

He claimed the note was not there when he returned for his vehicle and Burke, from Marton, believed that justified his decision to drive off without paying.

He put videos of the incident on Facebook on July 10 which went viral and was shared more than 4,000 times.

One video showed him explaining why and where he had planted the £5 note, a second returning to the vehicle to find the £5 ‘missing’ and then an expletive-ridden finale as he drives off without paying, vowing never to return.

Despite his court case, the posting and the videos were still on his Facebook page on Monday.

Burke said he had set up the Waves car cleaning company at Tesco because at a previous visit there his favourite Ray Ban sunglasses had gone missing.

But magistrates in the town disagreed with Burke and the whole episode will now cost him hundreds of pounds.

They found him guilty of making off from Waves without payment.

He must also pay Waves £300 compensation as a result of him posting his allegations on social media and a further £60 costs.

Exterior shot of Tesco Car Wash

Exterior shot of Tesco Car Wash

Prosecutor Neil White told the hearing it was the Crown’s case that Burke had deliberately chosen the most expensive valet knowing in advance he was going to leave with out paying.

He added: “Your glasses disappeared two years ago and it took you this long to try and get your own back.”

Burke was found not guilty of making racial comments about the East European staff at Waves.

Many of the people commenting on Burke’s Facebook post at the time called the car wash workers ‘scummy’, ‘robbers’ while another told the staff to get “back on first plane you scruffy horrible low life inbreds”

Daniel Burke who claimed car wash staff at Tesco in Blackpool had stolen from him

Daniel Burke who claimed car wash staff at Tesco in Blackpool had stolen from him

A spokesman for Waves said: “We’re proud of the car cleaning service that our colleagues provide customers and the team in our Blackpool branch are no exception.

“The team are honest, hardworking and provide a great service to the local community.”

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Some people may remember about two years ago I used the car wash down at Tesco’s in Blackpool. It was a sunny day, pulled up with my sunglasses on and put them in the glove box to come back after my car had been cleaned and they had been taken. When I questioned the guys about them, they couldn’t understand a word I was saying therefore I contacted the area manager and was told there is nothing the can do. From that point I always said I will never go back.

Here we are two years on, I have gone back this morning and I have planted a five pound note in the back of the car behind the driver’s seat (as you will see in the first video).

They told me to come back in one and a half hours, i have returned to find that the money has been taken and when I questioned them.

There (sic) response was we take everything out of the car and it may be in the office. Everything I had left was still in the car, therefore this was bull****.

The second video shows me videoing the car after it has been cleaned and the money had been taken.

I asked them if they have anything to give me before I pay them, there (sic) response was no.....!

Get sharing this and would strongly advise people to never use the car wash at Big Tesco’s in Blackpool.