VIDEO: Trail of smashed windows in Blackpool street

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Hoteliers on a Blackpool street woke up to a trail of destruction following a late night wrecking spree.

Rocks and bricks were thrown through the windows of four properties in Charnley Road in what is apparently a string of random attacks.

Smashed glass in Charnley Road

Smashed glass in Charnley Road

The vandal struck late on Tuesday night, leaving a trail of shattered glass in his wake.

Hotel owners, preparing for this weekend's pigeon show at the Winter Gardens are facing a race against time and a large bill to ensure everything is cleared up in time.

Jenny Bailey runs the Helmshore Hotel.

Her bar window was smashed during the rampage.

She said: "It's just completely random, four properties in a row have had their windows smashed.

"We went to bed last night and everything was fine and we came down in the morning to find glass everywhere.

"We are at the back of the building so we didn't hear anything.

"But from the CCTV you can see the window is fine at 11.02pm and smashed at 11.03pm.

"The brick, the rock, whatever you call it, is still there.

"We only came back on Friday to open up for the pigeon weekend and this happens.

"It will cost £300, maybe £350 to repair.

"We've just got to get it done and get on with it."

Another hotelier, who did not wish to be named, said: "It's brutal, there was glass everywhere.

"They've just gone down one side of the street smashing windows.

"It's the pigeon weekend and we need the town looking its best.

"This is the last thing people want to see."

Workmen were busy on Wednesday afternoon clearing up broken glass and boarding up or replacing windows.

Crime scene investigators also visited some of the properties.

Lancashire Police confirmed it had received a call relating to criminal damage in Charnley Road.

Investigations are ongoing.

Anyone with information should call Lancashire Police on 101 quoting log 373 of January 18.