Victim speaks out after armed robbery

Derek Telford (below) and a shotgun recovered by police after the terrifying raid on Dickies Lane, Marton.
Derek Telford (below) and a shotgun recovered by police after the terrifying raid on Dickies Lane, Marton.
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A BRAVE homeowner who came face-to-face with a gunman robbing his house says his wife has been left mentally scarred by the terrifying ordeal.

Derek Telford confronted the masked robber who burst into his lounge on Dickies Lane, Marton.

Derek Telford

Derek Telford

Colin Chapman, 24, of Stansfield Street, South Shore, has now been jailed for 12 years after acting as a look out during the raid.

But his gun-toting accomplice – who escaped with £1,000 – remains at large.

Mr Telford has called for the public’s help to put the gunman behind bars after Chapman refused to give him up.

The 64-year-old said: “The man who had the gun in this house needs to be caught and he needs a tough sentence.

“Unless he says something in prison there’s nothing we can do to catch this other guy.”

Chapman was caught by police shortly after the robbery, which happened on March 30.

Mr Telford had gone to investigate noises in his living room.

The gunman, wearing a ski mask, pointed a sawn-off shotgun into the stunned homeowner’s face and threatened to shoot.

But Mr Telford bravely managed to ram the door shut.

He kept Chapman locked in the lounge, but the gunman managed to flee because keys had been left in the patio doors.

The weapons used in the raid were dumped in a field nearby.

Mr Telford, a haulage contractor, says Chapman’s sentence is little consolation after what he and his wife went through.

He added: “It was a relief in a way but the damage was already done.

“I still look over my shoulder when I’m in the house but my wife is terrible – she’s a nervous wreck.

“I can’t go out at night and meet my friends or leave her alone.

“We’ve had a lot more locks put on the doors and I’ve got to ring her half an hour before I leave anywhere so she knows it’s going to be me coming home.

“We went away to the Caribbean for three weeks this summer and that calmed her down but as soon as we started to come home she was getting nervous again.”

Mr Telford has been trying to sell the home to put the events behind him.

He added: “We want to get on with our lives. The sooner we sell this place the better.

“It’s going to be tough to sell and we have worked hard all our lives for this but we’ve had to put up with someone else coming in like he did.”

Det Con Matt Haylett, the Blackpool Police officer in charge of the investigation, said the raid could have had deadly consequences.

He added: “Without a doubt, these weapons could have killed someone if they had been used.

“We found the guns in fields near the property.

“It was important to get them out of the public domain, children could have found them. It was imperative we got them back.”

Det Sgt Steve Colman, from Blackpool CID, added: “We are naturally pleased by the sentence handed down by the judge but I must stress this remains an ongoing investigation.

“It is never too late for people to come forward with information and I would urge people who can help to get in touch. I would reassure the public we will not give up in our pursuit to bring those people involved to justice.”

Anyone with information can call Blackpool CID on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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