'˜Using social media to broadcast attack is a worrying trend'

A nine-second video posted online showing a Year 9 pupil at a Blackpool school being viciously attacked has led to two boys being excluded.

Monday, 18th June 2018, 11:36 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 6:07 pm
Headteacher Simon Eccles has excluded both the attacker and the boy who filmed it
Headteacher Simon Eccles has excluded both the attacker and the boy who filmed it

It also sparked a huge response on our website from parents and pupils, many condemning the bully and calling for further action.

St Mary’s Catholic Academy headteacher Simon Eccles took firm action against both the attacker and the pupil who filmed the video, which was posted on Snapchat.

The video shows the boy punch the other boy in the head before aiming a kick at his head as he tried to protect himself.

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Headteacher Simon Eccles has excluded both the attacker and the boy who filmed it

Mr Eccles said: “We have acted swiftly, working with parents to support the victim and to deal with the student who carried out the attack.

“The use of social media to broadcast a video of this nature is a worrying trend.”

The victim was largely unhurt and a girl who stopped the attack earned praise from the school.

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Two pupils excluded after sickening playground attack on Year 9 schoolboy
Headteacher Simon Eccles has excluded both the attacker and the boy who filmed it

Here’s your thoughts

I was bullied from five-years-old until I left school, nothing was ever done because no one could prove my version of events and no one would stick up for the timid kid in the corner, small mercies I know but at least these kids are now being held accountable for their actions with all the technology.

Lesley Phil

Very sad and worrying.

Headteacher Simon Eccles has excluded both the attacker and the boy who filmed it

All police will do is refer them to early intervention for a talking to but doesn’t stop them so should be treated as an adult would when charged with assault, ABH and even attempted murder.

Carol Hallam

I hope the child is getting the support they need.

If that was my child I’d go mad.

If that was my child doing the bullying, well.....

Laura Christine

It makes me sick to my stomach

This also happened to my son, a group of older boys in Year 8 assaulted him while he was in a PE lesson and filmed it.

They then continued to cyber bully him that very same evening.

Phones should be banned in school full stop.

I appreciate that parents have busy lives and not all children will use their devices for this crime, but it is a crime and they should be reported straight away.

Zoe Brigdon-Smallwood

My daughter has been bullied horrendously she’s Year 7 and it began in October.

My husband and I have kept her off school twice.

We have had numerous meetings and if I’m honest it’s the system not the school, they have to follow certain criteria set by the government.

One thing I will say for St Mary’s is the Pastoral system is excellent.

My daughter has been fully supported by her Pastoral Manager and we can see an end to the bullying now.

Lyndsay Del Guidice

Social media is the invention of the devil.

I would say 75% of it isn’t good for us. It is creating a nasty, horrible and dysfunctional generation.

No discipline anywhere.

Gillian Lee

Well the generation raised in the 50s and 60s managed to ruin the environment and the economy...

Maybe we should wait before saying the current generation is any worse.

Michael Wallace

If this goes on at schools recorded as ‘good’, it doesn’t bare thinking about what goes on at all the other schools in Blackpool that are ‘poor’ or ‘require improvement’.

Darren Taylor

I can’t bear this.

It’s made me cry.

The poor kids that get beaten or bullied are scarred for life.

Julia King

Any child who bullies should be reported to the police and charged with assault.

This should stay on their file so that when they leave school potential employers can see what sort of people they are employing.

Sarah Warren

I have a daughter starting at St Mary’s in September and this scares me to death, parents should not be worrying themselves sick over whether it’ll be their child’s turn to take the beating that day and kids should not be too scared to go to school through fear of what might happen to them.

Sharon Gregory

If it was my child I would be going to the police and charging them for assault – man enough to do it man enough to take the punishment.

Jasmine Thompson

I’d happily give teachers permission to crack my kid in the head if that was him.

Victoria Banks

They need to start expelling the instigators like this, otherwise they just come back and do the exact same over and over.

John Whitehouse

Schools have certain procedures to follow.

I’m sure they will do everything they can to protect the boy and to punish the other kids.

If it’s any reassurance my child has been there three years nearly four and not had one issue.

Victoria Cooper

This is disgusting.

I’m sorry but the punishment isn’t enough, kids think they’re untouchable these days.

Danielle Bashford

Just goes to show that bullying goes on in all schools not just the ones with bad reputations.

Lisa Coulson