US holiday pair ‘accidentally’ killed in crash

Edward (Ted) and Brenda McElroy, who were killed instantly after being hit by a pickup truck in America
Edward (Ted) and Brenda McElroy, who were killed instantly after being hit by a pickup truck in America
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A couple who died after being hit by a car as they crossed a main road while on holiday in America were accidentally killed, a coroner has ruled.

Edward and Brenda McElroy, of Glencross Place, South Shore, were crossing a four lane highway, which was unlit and a designated no-crossing area, in Barboursville, West Virginia, when they were both hit by an oncoming vehicle on October 1 last year.

They were thrown into the air by the impact, and landed on the pavement.

They suffered fatal injuries and were killed instantly, an inquest heard yesterday.

A State of West Virginia uniform traffic crash report, which was read out during the inquest, said: “The vehicle struck both pedestrians.

“Both victims succumbed to their injuries immediately.

“It was a non-lit, no crosswalk area. The pedestrians crossing caused this crash.”

Mr and Mrs McElroy, aged 77 and 70 respectively, were wearing what was described as medium to dark clothing as they crossed the road, known as Route 60, and were hit by a Toyota Sienna minivan.

In her police statement, Donna Johnson, 56, said she was coming home after an evening at a bowling alley when she suddenly saw two people in front of her car.

She said: “Before I saw them there was no stopping.”

She told police she was driving around 40mph in a 45mph speed limit.

Witnesses told how they saw two people at the side of the road, and the next minute they were in the air.

The victims were unresponsive and not breathing at the side of the road.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, senior coroner for Blackpool and Fylde, Alan Wilson, said there was nothing to suggest Miss Johnson could have done anything to avoid the accident.

He added: “It appears to be the case that the deceased were not to have been walking in that particular area.

“No contributing factors are being attributed to the driver.

“The only appropriate conclusion in my judgement is to record that this was an accident.”

There have been no criminal procedures started as a result of the crash.