UPDATE: Blackpool man arrested as fracking site lorry protest brought to an end

The man has been on the lorry since shortly after 3pm, police said (Pic: Twitter/lewisuko2)

A man who climbed on top of a lorry, close to Cuadrilla's fracking site in Little Plumpton yesterday afternoon, has been arrested after climbing off the vehicle.

The man climbed on top of the lorry on Tuesday afternoon.

Pictures taken at the scene showed the anti-fracking protester gesturing and eating sandwiches as officers stood beside the heavy goods vehicle, where they were waiting for him to come down.

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The man managed to scramble on the lorry, which police said was delivering stone to be used to a build a controversial new protesting site for anti-frackers, at around 3pm yesterday.

Blackpool Police said the man had ended his protest and the road was now fully open.

A spokesman said: “A 42-year-old man from Blackpool has been arrested on suspicion of obstructing a police officer, obstructing a highway and preventing someone from going about their lawful business.”

The man has been on top of the lorry all night, police said

The site has seen on-going anti-fracking protests, which The Gazette recently revealed is costing £450,000 per month to police, and has led to a number of arrests.
Anti-fracking campaigners have complained efforts to build a designated space for them will move them further from the road and away from public view, making it harder to protest effectively.

Last month, Cuadrilla was granted an injunction to prevent protesters trespassing on a farmer's field at its Preston New Road site.

But a judge at Manchester High Court refused to limit anti-fracking campaigners to a designated area, saying it would set a precedent restricting legitimate protest.

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