Unruly kids in Blackpool park lead to Anchorsholme library summit

Coun Tony Williams
Coun Tony Williams
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People who may have been affected by alleged anti-social behaviour in a Blackpool park have been invited to share their experiences with the police.

There will be a meeting at Anchorsholme Library on Monday from 5pm until 6pm to discuss any problems people may have with the nearby East Pines Park.

Senior officers of the council and the police will be there to answer questions and listen to complaints.

The meeting comes shortly after Anchorsholme councillor Tony Williams was allegedly threatened in the park by a group of youths.

He said: “The police did step up nightly patrols around the park for which we are grateful but unfortunately they had very little affect and there was no direct intervention as such.

“The patrols have almost stopped now and the officers don’t get out of their vehicles.

“We are having a special police and community meeting next Monday at Anchorsholme Library and I have asked council officers to attend and listen to residents’ concerns and also to outline just what they will do to stop the problem’

“I hope many people will be there to support both their neighbours and the local councillors to put an end to this very serious problem.”