Union concern over police pay assessments

Police pay reviews are changing
Police pay reviews are changing
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The union which represents police officers has questioned a new pay assessment system.

The way police officers support victims, carry out searches and interview suspects will be examined before they can get a pay rise.

Pay for PCs is now linked to their professional development and ability to pass through assessments.

Officers’ work will be looked at in their personal development review, and if they pass their pay will rise. However, if they fail they will have to work on a development plan with their senior officers.

The College of Policing says the assessment will confirm the competency of an officer in their core role.

But the Police Federation, which represents serving officers in England and Wales is concerned the criteria istoo strict.

It believes the new pay system is not yet fit for purpose.

A spokesman for the Police Federation said: “In our view there is still a way to go before we have an assessment process that is fit for purpose.

“It must be transparent, fair and attainable – not an attempt to keep down pay by setting the bar so high.”