These are the vehicles which have been seized by Lancashire Road Police around the county in September so far

The police can seize a vehicle if they think it’s being used in a way that causes alarm, harassment or distress, for example careless or inconsiderate driving.

By Iain Lynn
Tuesday, 17th September 2019, 2:07 pm

They can also seize a vehicle if they think it’s being driven by someone who does not have a proper licence or insurance, if it's dangerously, illegally or obstructively parked and if it's broken-down or abandoned. Here are the vehicles removed from the road in and around Lancashire so far this month. These images are from the 'LancsRoadPolice Twitter feed.

This uninsured and unlicenced driver tried to engage in a bit of hide and seek in Bacup. Driver reported, vehicle seized.
If youre planning on driving past MN38 on your way to work then please make sure you have insurance & a valid MOT. Driver reported, vehicle seized & a long walk

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Driver of this vehicle didnt want to wait until his driving ban had finished so he just drove anyway. Not only was he disqualified but he also tested positive for cannabis and cocaine following a drug wipe.
It was a close call @jenwren3081 But it happend in the end. Male arrested on the M6 for driving whilst disqualified, drug drive (cannabis and cocaine), no insurance and no licence
Vehicle recovered M6 Northbound at Preston for no insurance. Driver though he could drive an un insured vehicle on another policy.
Unfortunately, an innocent member of the public had paid thousands of pounds for this vehicle, which was on false plates with altered chassis numbers, after being stolen 7 months ago from Manchester
Top Gear tried but failed, whereas it looks like we found the limit of the Hilux (ok..driver skill). This is the result of a 40 min pursuit that began in Lancs & ended in Cumbria. One arrested for drug supply offences
The driver of this vehicle explained how they had just bought the vehicle and was going to insure it tomorrow!! .. Vehicle seized 165 and driver reported
Vehicle stopped for routine check. On checking the documents the driver had no licence or insurance to use the car. Vehicle seized and driver reported for summons to court
The driver of this car failed to stop in Blackpool town centre The driver was arrested for unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle, driving whilst disqualified, failing to stop, no insurance and testing +ve for cannabis
Dumper truck recovered off Ribbleton park, Preston after youths were seen riding it around
Expired MOT. Further enquiries found that the insurance had been cancelled and the front offside tyre was showing exposed cord and the road tax hadn't been paid. Car seized and the driver reported
Car stopped for routine check and the car was being used to delivery takeaway food but the driver had no insurance for this use. Driver was reported for summons and the car was seized.
Using your motorbike at night with no working headlight or MOT is going to attract attention. And not displaying L plates when required will earn you penalty points Motorcycle seized and rider reported
In Blackpool this outstanding stolen car was spotted and two detained from it. The driver arrested for UTMV, licence and insurance offences. He also tested positive on @DrugWipeUK for cocaine
In Blackpool this car was found tucked away out of sight or so the thieves thought. It had been reported stolen just hours before we found it. Fortunately with no damage and returned to the owner.
First stop of the day for MN34 on the Nortbound M6. They thought it was just a report for No MOT but on speaking to the driver they got a whiff of cannabis & he provided a positive drug wipe!
This vehicle was reported stolen 4 days ago in Preston. Found today by #HO31 in the Ashton area. Recovered for forensics exam
One last check around Blackpool town centre resulted in this stolen vehicle being located, 20 minutes before the end of the shift. Seized by HO58 as a result of being stolen two months ago
This Honda was seized in Preston by #HO41 as driver not insured. Driver likely to be banned due to totting up penalty points
This vehicle was stopped on the M6 today. Vehicle seized as officers believe it has been used in recent vehicle thefts. Good team effort.
As MN34 were on the M55 their attention was drawn to a vehicle overtaking them at speed in lane 3 when lanes 1/2 were clear. The driver then slowed down to 78 mph but remained in lane 3!
Another vehicle seized on the M55 for no insurance, the excuse of 'I just didn't realise my insurance had expired & no one sent me a reminder' wasn't good enough for MN34 who reported the driver
No licence, no MOT, no Tax! So therefore, no more car! Vehicle seized and driver reported in Leyland
First stop of the day for MN34 on the Nortbound M6. They thought it was just a report for No MOT but on speaking to the driver they got a whiff of cannabis & he provided a positive drug wipe!
Great team work by officers from @RssndalePolice and @LancsTacOps resulted in this vehicle stolen by means of burglary being located in Bacup on altered plates. Two males have been arrested
Vehicle seized in Preston by #HO50. Driver disqualified until July 2020 and vehicle not insured. Driver reported for the offences
Another car destined for the scrap heap in the sky. Seized by #HO50 on M65 as driver had no insurance and no licence. Driver reported for the offences
Ashbourne Road Lancaster.. some cheeky rascals set a shed of a caravan rolling down a hill before it landed in a garden.. dragged back up with our X5.. similar to Top Gear Caravan Derby!
Stopped and seized by HO38 in Blackpool for no insurance, no tax, no MOT, no registered keeper, no brake lights, no exhaust attached and the driver....had no licence
The driver of this vehicle provided a positive roadside breath reading of 82. Driver arrested and awaits evidential breath test at Blackpool custody
This car seen on false number plates in Blackpool, the driver thinking they could disguise the fact they had no insurance. Driver reported and car seized sec165.
"I just assumed my ex-boyfriend would carry on paying for my insurance even after we split up". Unfortunately, he didn't. The romance is well and truly over. Seized in Kirkham