These are the latest cases and convictions from Blackpool Magistrates' Court - Wednesday, September 2, 2019

Blackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates' Court
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Here are the latest headlines from Blackpool Magistrates' Court.

Stella Bird, 18, drunk and disorderly

A drunken teenager lashed out in the back of a police car as officers were trying to help her.

Stella Bird, 18, of Bentley Green, Thornton, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly.

She was fined £66 with £85 costs and ordered to pay £32 victims’ surcharge.

Presiding magistrate, Edward Beaman, told her: “The police went out of their way to help you, but you took no notice.”

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said police received information a woman was trying to get into a Nissan car on Queen Street, in the early hours of September 13.

Officers saw Bird in the car shouting at other women. She then got out and pushed another woman.

Police took the car key from her and arranged to give her a lift home.

She carried on swearing and was put in the back of a police car where she lashed out at the rear of the seat. At the time of the offence she was on a community order for a previous conviction for being drunk and disorderly and assaulting an emergency worker.

Bird told magistrates she had argued with a woman who ended up smacking her.

She had no intention of driving but got into her car to calm down. The other female then started hitting and scratching her car so she rang the police.

Bird added: “I was really drunk. I kicked off because I thought the police were laughing at me.”

Paul Wilde, 50, drug-driving

A 50-year-old Thornton man has denied drug driving.

Paul Wilde of Knowsley Crescent is alleged to have driven a Saab car on Amounderness Way, Fleetwood, under the influence of cocaine. He denied the offence and the case was adjourned for trial on November 6.

Ryan Crook,26, assault, affray, criminal damage and possessing a metal pole in public

A man accused of assaulting a police officer has been sent for trial at Preston Crown Court.

Ryan Crook, 26, of Northfield Avenue, Blackpool , pleaded not guilty to four allegations. He was bailed to appear at the higher court on October 30.

As well as the police assault Crook is also charged with affray,criminal damage worth £500.00 and possessing a weapon- a metal pole in public.

Kye McGlade, 19, supplying drugs

A teenager accused of supplying drugs in Blackpool who missed the first hearing of his case at court has been put on the wanted list.

Kye McGlade, 19, of Wembley Road, Manchester, is charged with supplying heroin and cocaine in the resort on February 27 last year.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, asked for a warrant without bail for the arrest of McGlade.

Gary McAnulty, defending, said his client had not received legal papers about the case and after he was told about the hearing he had no means to get to the court today.

A warrant without bail was issued by Blackpool magistrates for McGlade’s arrest.

Stephen Barber, 52, making threatening calls

A man made a series of phone calls to the ambulance service during which he threatened to shoot paramedics who turned up at his home.

The 52-year-old claimed in the calls to North West Ambulance to have a shotgun. The calls he made on July 20, this year, also contained foul language.

Stephen Barber of Waterloo Road, South Shore, admitted making repeated calls via his mobile phone which were of a grossly offensive nature and causing ambulance staff distress and anxiety.

His lawyer Trevor Colebourne said: “This man has had an alcohol problem for 38 years. It is remarkable he is still alive.

“He is relatively sober this morning and wishes to apologise to the ambulance service and accepts what he did was quite absurd. He did not have a gun at his home.”

Barber was given an 18 month community order during which he must do 15 days rehabilitation and undergo alcohol treatment. He must pay £295 in fines and costs.

Paul Huxley prosecuting said:”Barber made hoax calls and the ambulance service contacted police who arrested him.

“He had threatened to shoot ambulance staff who turned up at his home in those calls and said he had a shot gun there.

“He was abusive and swore When he was arrested he could remember what he had done.

“Asked to say what level out of ten he was drunk he said 12.

“However the knock on effect to the ambulance service meant that more important emergency calls had to wait in the queue whilst Barber’s stupid calls were dealt with.”