These are the latest cases and convictions from Blackpool Magistrates' Court - October 1, 2019

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Here is today's round-up of cases from Blackpool Magistrates' Court.

Graham Cougill, 35, assault

Blackpool Magistrates' Court

Blackpool Magistrates' Court

A man snapped after a long running row with his partner came to a head.

According to a probation report Graham Cougill was sick and tired of being given orders to do household chores by the partner who stayed in bed. Cougill, 35, of Grange Road, Fleetwood, admitted assault.

The court was told the couple had been together ten years but the relationship between the father-of-four and the woman was now over.

HGV driver Cougill admitted that during the row on September 24 he had pulled her hair and put his hand round her neck.

His lawyer, David Charnley, told the court: “He has been honest about what he did from the outset.”

Cougill was sentenced to an 18 month community order during which he must do 30 rehabilitation days and 40 hours unpaid work.

Stephen Rourke, 57, assault

A man hit his wife on the chin when she returned home from the pub.

Stephen Rourke carried out the assault because he was angry she had not prepared him any tea.

However, his victim had only left the house because of her 57 –year-old husband’s drunkenness .

Rourke, of Rathmore Gardens, Layton, admitted the assault. He was given 12 month community
order with 30 days rehabilitation.He will have to pay £285 costs and was made the subject of a six month restraining order which forbids him from contacting his victim.

Pam Smith, prosecuting, said the couple had been in a 21 year relationship during which biscuit company employee Rourke had become alcohol dependant.

“On the day of the assault he had refused to let her into her own kitchen.

“She went for a walk and decided to go for a drink,” said the prosecutor.

“He turned up at the pub and threw a plate at her because she had not cooked anything.”

Steven Duffy, defending, said: “He needs help. If he can stop drinking there are hopes of a reconciliation.”

Christopher Hinde, 30, breach of a restraining order

A man broke a restraining order just a few hours after it had been imposed on him by a court.

Christopher Hinde started to text and phone the Blackpool beautician he was supposed not to contact.

Hinde, 30, who has left Blackpool to live in Manchester, admitted breaching the order given to him by Blackpool Magistrates.

As well as banning contact with the woman it also banned him from going along Whitegate Drive or near her home address.

He was jailed for three months and must pay £207 costs.

Pam Smith, prosecuting, said that Hinde contacted the woman and started to laugh at her about his previous two weeks prison term.

She contacted police when she realised he had been texting her. He was arrested and made a full and frank admission about what he had done.

Steven Duffy, defending, said: “He has gone to Manchester to get away from difficulties in Blackpool.

“He just wanted to say goodbye to her as he was leaving the area.”

Conan Newsham, 21, breach of a restraining order

A man who has been living in a garage and bathing in a bucket breached a restraining order which forbids him contacting his mother.

When he went to her home in Oak Street,Fleetwood, Conan Newsham asked if he could collect some clothes and have a hot bath.

She allowed him to do it but he refused to leave when asked and that annoyed her and her children.

Eventually she called police and he was arrested.

The court was told Newsham had been a hardworking young man who suddenly got hooked on cocaine and cannabis.

The drugs ruled his lifestyle and his lawyer Brett Chappell said Newsham had fallen under the influence of drug suppliers.

“He started to steal to fund his habit-steal from his own family who ended up asking for a restraining order against him,” said Mr Chappell.

“He ended up living on a sofa in a garage and using a bucket of water to clean himself.”“He had gone from being his family’s hero to zero in quick time.”

Newsham, 21, of Victoria Street, Fleetwood, who now helps in a foodbank admitted the breach.

He was given a six month jail term suspended for 18 months and must pay £207 costs.