These are the latest cases and convictions from Blackpool Magistrates' Court - Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Here is today's round-up of cases from Blackpool Magistrates' Court.

Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 11:45 am

Leroy Teasdale, 19, breach of a restraining order

A man has broken the restraining order which forbids him from going to Blackpool Victoria Hospital for the fourth time.

Leroy Teasdale received the court order imposed by Blackpool Magistrates in May this year after he constantly caused a nuisance at the hospital.

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Blackpool Magistrates' Court

He is allowed at the hospital but only for pre arranged appointments and for real medical emergencies.

Magistrates heard from Brett Chappell, defending , that Teasdale, 19, of Spencer Court, had been diagnosed as a hypochondriac.

The lawyer said: “He was convinced he was dying from cancer and attended hospital almost every day.”

The latest breach involved Teasdale going into the outpatients’ department. He was seen on the premises by a security officer who confronted him.

He told the officer that he wanted to see his mother who was having eyesight problems.

However, his mother was not on the premises at the time of his visit, the court heard.

His lawyer added: “My client has been living with an uncle in York and that has cut his links with Blackpool Victoria.

“He thought he was doing the noble thing towards his mother when she told him her eyesight was getting weaker.

“This behaviour has to cease or he faces going to prison.”

Teasdale admitted breaching the order.He was placed on a 7pm to 8 am curfew for four weeks. He must a victims surcharge of £90.

Daryl Diamond, 29, breach of the peace

A 29-year-old St Annes man has been bound over to keep the peace.

Daryl Diamond had refused to leave the address of his former partner when asked.

Police were called and they found Diamond clearing out a garden shed so he could sleep there.

Diamond of St George’s Road, St Annes, admitted causing a breach of the peace. He was bound over for a year in the sum of £100.

Diamond told magistrates: “I was in the wrong.”

John Windebank, 36, using violence to enter a property

A man used a knife to bang of the door of a neighbour’s flat, Blackpool Magistrates were told.

There had been on ongoing row between John Windebank, 36, of Saville Road, Blackpool, and the neighbour about Windebank playing music loudly.

The neighbour had called police about the music volume who said he should contact the council.

Windebank then started to make threats towards the neighbour and police were called to the flats where they lived.

The neighbour told officers: “He plays music and shouts about buying weapons on line.”

Magistrates ordered pre sentence reports on Windebank who admitted using violence to gain entry to a property.

Leon Upshall, 28, assault

A Lytham man has denied assaulting his former partner and criminal damage to her flat.

Blackpool Magistrates sent Leon Upshall, 28, of Mornington Road, for trial at Preston Crown Court.

Upshall was bailed on condition he does not enter Bright Street, Blackpool.

Daniel Thomas, 24, assault

A man is alleged to assaulted the same woman three times in a three month period.

Daniel Thomas, 24, of Horsebridge Road, Blackpool, denied the assaults on what Blackpool Magistrate heard was his on-off partner.

Thomas was bailed on condition he does not go with 250 metres of his alleged victim’s address on Devonshire Road and has no contact with her.

His trial will take place at preston Crown Court on February 7.