These are the 12 places in Blackpool with the highest reports of crime - how does your area compare?

The latest crime statistics for Blackpool have been revealed.

Monday, 12th August 2019, 12:10 pm
These are the crime hot spots in Blackpool as revealed by police

June’s official data has been published by the Home Office on its website. Below are the areas of Blackpool with 10 or more reported crimes in the same time period.

50 reports, including nine for anti-social behaviour and six for other theft.
38 reports, including, seven of anti-social behaviour, four public order and two possession of weapons.

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30 reports including, seven anti-social behaviour, and ten violent and sexual offences.
30 reports, including, 11 violent and sexual offences, three shoplifting and four public order.
27 reports, including, 13 other thefts, three anti-social behaviour and nine violent and sexual offences.
17 crimes reporter, including, 14 for shoplifting
16 reports, including, six anti-social behaviour, four violent and sexual offences and two shoplifting.
15 crimes reported, including, two for anti-social behaviour and eight violent and sexual offences.
11 reports, including, three of criminal damage, three violent and sexual offences.
11 reports, including, six anti-social behaviour, two burlgary and 2 violent and sexual offences.
11 reported, including, six anti-social behaviour.
10 crime reported, including, three public order offences and three for anti-social behaviour.