‘There was blood all over him’

Martindale Avenue, Fleetwood
Martindale Avenue, Fleetwood
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A Good Samaritan today told how he rushed to the aid of a frantic teenager who was stabbed in the neck with broken glass during a drunken fracas on a Fleetwood estate.

Coun Terry Rogers told how he came out of his house on the way to a council meeting to be met with terrified screams from across the road.

He was confronted with the sight of a 15-year-old boy desperately trying to stem blood from a gaping wound using his T-shirt.

The ex-Army man, 53, rushed back to get a first aid kit from his car and managed to stop the blood while they waited for an ambulance to arrive. Police are now appealing to witnesses to the stabbing incident, in which the boy was cut with a piece of glass during a row between a group of teenagers.

It happened in the People’s Park, on Martindale Avenue, Fleetwood, last Wednesday at around 5pm.

Coun Rogers, a Wyre borough and Fleetwood Town Council member, said: “I was just coming out of the house when I heard screaming and shouting coming from outside the Chatsworth shops.

“I noticed a girl and this youth holding a T-shirt to his neck and there was such a protracted scream I decided to go over to see if he was OK.

“There was blood all over him and when I asked to take a look at his injury I noticed it was deep and open.

“I ran back to the car to get the first aid kit and stemmed the bleed with pads and bandages. I tried to keep him calm, because he was very panicky, and the bleeding stopped after a few minutes. I was worried he might have nicked a vital artery.”

Coun Rogers was surrounded by a large and anxious crowd as he held the pad to the boy, who he kept upright to help stem the bleeding.

But he said: “I was just in the right place at the right time, anyone would have done the same thing.

“I was sort of going back to my Army days, you’re trained up for it. I wouldn’t say I saved the lad’s life but I knew I had to stop the bleeding as soon as I could.”

The councillor said that he kept the first aid kit in his car because it was required for when he drove over to the continent for holidays.

Police believe alcohol was behind the violent incident in the park.

A 14-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the incident. He has since been bailed pending further inquires,

Det Con Emma Shuttleworth, of Fleetwood CID, said: “We are taking this very seriously and would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident.

“This could very easily have ended in a tragedy and to have drunken teenagers waving bits of glass at each other is not acceptable.

“What is also worrying is that this occurred in broad daylight, in a public place where even younger children could have been around.

“It is a very worrying incident, particular as it involved under-age drinking.

“This is one of the dangers of youths and drink - all too often it can end in violence.”

Police are keen for any witnesses to come forward.

Anyone with information can phone Fleetwood CID on (01253) 604307.