Terror teen’s family evicted

The house on Heron Way, Freckleton, which New Fylde Housing has evicted a family from.
The house on Heron Way, Freckleton, which New Fylde Housing has evicted a family from.
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A TEENAGER who terrorised neighbours on his estate has seen his family thrown out of their home.

The 17-year-old made residents’ lives a misery on Freckleton’s Lower Lane estate – and now bosses have told them they must leave their property.

Residents on the estate today described the family, who lived on Heron Way, as an “absolute nightmare”.

New Fylde Housing said the teenager’s unruly behaviour breached the family’s tenancy agreement and took his parents to Preston County Court, where Judge Ian Knifton ordered the property should be handed back to the housing association.

One resident, who lives on the Lower Lane estate, said: “He was robbing from everybody, picking on younger people, he threw bricks through people’s windows, he was a proper yob.

“There are hard-working people on the estate and this family are an absolute nightmare.”

And Stacey Kennedy, who lives on Shackleton Road, added: “They just caused trouble and the police were on the estate all the time. People will be pleased they’ve gone.”

The 17-year-old was locked up for six months in May after breaching an anti-social behaviour, taken out against him for criminal behaviour including breaking and entering and theft from buildings and vehicles.

New Fylde Housing first took out a suspended Possession Order against the family last January, but despite repeated warnings the teenager continued to break the rules and breached the suspended Possession Order four times between April and May, when he was locked up.

Now, New Fylde Housing said its stance proves it will not stand for anti-social behaviour in its properties.

Tammy Bradley, the association’s operations director, added: “The action taken against the family highlights our strong commitment to dealing with people who harass and intimidate our communities.”