Terminally ill cancer patient left terrified after yobs smash window with billiard ball

Yobs pelted billiard balls at seafront flats '“ smashing the bedroom window of a terminally ill cancer patient.

Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 6:25 am
Updated Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 2:24 pm
Rita Birch stands next to the shattered window which is in her terminally ill husbands room

Two yellow balls were thrown over a balcony into the windows of Rita and James Birch’s second floor flat from the road below.

James was diagnosed with terminal throat cancer 15 months ago and spends most of the time asleep in his bedroom.

Rita said: “My son Roger was with James when it happened. He said it sounded like someone was firing a gun.

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Rita Birch stands next to the shattered window which is in her terminally ill husbands room

“They must have had a hellish good throw to have gone over the balcony glass and hit the bedroom window.”

The despicable act happened on Saturday at 4.30pm at flats on South Promenade in St Annes.

Rita couldn’t believe anyone would want to do something like this.

She added: “When (Roger) rang me and said I should come home, I honestly thought the worst had happened.

The two yellow billiard balls thrown at the window

“I’d rather they have broken any of the other windows apart from James’ one.”

The damage will cost more than £500 to repair due to the size and design of the window and it can’t be fixed for another two weeks.

Rita said: “My neighbour had spotted some people on the promenade.

“When she went down the following day there was a smashed up pool table with some of the same billiard balls.

“I’d like them to come and see the upset it has caused to someone so poorly.

“It frightened both James and Roger to death and I wish they would know how upsetting it has all been.”

Lancashire Police is investigating the incident.

No arrests have been made currently.