Teenager seen crying after tragic fire

Scene of fatal fire in Freckleton.
Scene of fatal fire in Freckleton.
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Neighbours have described seeing a teenager, accused of killing four siblings, crying outside the scene of a fatal fire.

Preston Crown Court heard when the fire broke out in the Freckleton home, the defendant Dyson Allen, 19, and the siblings’ brother Andrew Smith went to the home of a family who lived across the road.

Andrew Valentine told the court he heard Andrew Smith pressing Allen for an explanation of what had happened.

He said: “They were both clearly upset.”

He told the jury Andrew Smith was asking Allen: “What happened? I went out to the shop and I came back and my house was on fire.”

He added: “Dyson’s exact words were ‘It was the candle Andy, it was the candle’.”

Kerry Langley told the court she went outside on the night of the fire in January last year.

She said she spoke to Rogan Jones, who told her the fire was caused by a candle and was later joined by two people she later learned were Dyson Allen and Chloe Marshall.

Miss Langley was asked about Allen, to which she replied: “He was clearly upset. His eyes were red. He had been crying.”

Allen, of no fixed address, denies four counts of murder and four counts of manslaughter after Reece Smith, 19, his twin sisters Ella and Holly, four and baby brother Jordan, two, died as a result of the blaze at the bungalow in Lytham Road.


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