Teenager found with cannabis by police

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A teenager was found to have drugs on him after being taken to Blackpool police headquarters.

Luke Denny, 19, of Cheltenham Road, North Shore, pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis.

He was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £15 victims’ surcharge by Blackpool magistrates.

Andrew Robinson, prosecuting, said police had given Denny a caution for cannabis possession on the condition he attended a drug referral appointment, but he did not go.

Peter Manning, defending, said Denny had agreed to go to the drug referral appointment but on the day he was to attend, his friend was taken ill.

Denny decided to go to hospital with his friend.

He did notify the drug agency he would not be attending, but he did not receive another appointment.