Tears of sex shame woman

Katy Holmes was caught in a clinch on the bonnet of a car.
Katy Holmes was caught in a clinch on the bonnet of a car.
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A woman caught having sex on a car bonnet in broad daylight with a man she met just minutes earlier in a newsagents has been rapped by a court.

Katy Holmes, 33, shared a passionate clinch on the bonnet of a red Peugeot.

And the scene, at 9.45am one morning in December last year, was witnesses by a disgusted mother who had to shield her child’s eyes before calling the police, a court heard.

When officers arrived in Hyde Road, Blackpool, the man ran off.

As he scaled a metal fence an officer caught his ankles but he kicked out and escaped.

But single woman Holmes, 33, of Cheltenham Road, Blackpool, remained at the scene.

The resort’s magistrates heard how the couple had met as she bought a bottle of water.

“The man started flirting with me,” she told the police. “We had met at the newsagents.I was on the way home.

“What happened was consenusual - but I accept people who saw what was going on might think it lewd and offensive.”

Don Green, prosecuting, said: “A witness saw what was going on through the front window of her home.

“Holmes was smiling and laughing and appeared to be enjoying what was going on.”

Holmes – who cried throughout her court hearing – admitted committing an act outraging public decency by behaving in an indecent manner-namely performing a sex act and having sexual intercourse in a public place.

Steven Townley, defending, said: “This is an unusual offence which is a difficult case to sentence.

“She has no convictions for any similar offences.

“It is just something which happened on the spur of the movement - something she regrets.”

Holmes was sentenced to an eight week prison term suspended for 12 months.

She was also given 12 months supervision.

Chairman of the bench Stephen Musgrave said: “This offence took place in public, in the day time and there were children present.

“These are aggravating circumstances and almost put you straight behind bars.”

In Hyde Road after the case, one resident said: “This is a quiet cul-de-sac off the beaten track and we don’t expect this sort of thing going on at breakfast time.”

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