Stone missed cabbie ‘by inches’

Cabbie John Cummings had a stone thrown through the driver's window of his car while driving through Revoe.
Cabbie John Cummings had a stone thrown through the driver's window of his car while driving through Revoe.
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A taxi driver is counting his blessings after a large stone was hurled through his window, missing him by inches.

John Cummings had dropped a passenger off in Revoe, and was driving along Condor Grove towards Stanley Park when the incident happened on Saturday at 4.30pm.

He said: “I didn’t see it coming. I just saw this missile pass in front of my eyes and I was covered in glass.

“If it had hit me on the head I could have hit someone coming towards me and ended up killing somebody.

“This is quite a serious issue and people should be made aware of what kids are getting up to in Blackpool.”

Mr Cummings, 50, said he pulled up by the side of the road to check his car.

“I was in shock, and stayed in the car quite a while before I got out,” he said.

“Quite a few people came over to see if I was OK.”

One of the helpful witnesses was a man who was driving behind Mr Cummings at the time.

He had young children in his own car.

Mr Cummings, a cabbie for 13 years, added: “It’s lucky he was behind me and not where I was; his kids were only small.”

Witnesses described the stone throwers as a group of children, aged between 10 and 13 years old.

Mr Cummings said the stone was around the size of his palm, and caused damage expected to cost around £100.

He said: “I’m lucky there’s no body damage to the car, but the window has literally been taken out.

“I’ve had incidents in the cab before, but not to the extent where I could have ended up in a serious accident.

“It’s OK that no-one was injured this time, but who knows what will happen next time.

“Someone in that area must know who is doing this. I know you can’t watch kids all the time, but this really is a serious issue.”

Mr Cummings, a driver for C Cabs, said he believed people throwing stones at vehicles, particularly buses, was becoming a regular occurrence, especially in the Revoe area.

In December youths smashed the window of a Renault Laguna while it was parked overnight on Banksfield Grove, Blackpool, and in October youths threw a stone at a taxi in Church Street before running off on a Saturday evening.

But Blackpool Transport’s director of delivery, Bob Mason said: “We do have sporadic incidents across the network but thankfully at present no major issues.”

A spokesman for Lancashire police said they had been made aware of the latest incident and were investigating.

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