Stolen vehicle recovered in crackdown

Police carried out operation Alleyway
Police carried out operation Alleyway

Police have hailed as a major success a three-day operation targeting low level crime in a Blackpool neighbourhood.

Operation Alleyway involved targeting Bispham with officers working longer hours and carrying out extra patrols.

The crackdown took place from Wednesday July 20 to Friday July 22 and resulted in the recovery of numerous stolen goods as well as drugs.

The most notable success came with the discovery of a stolen vehicle – just one of the items listed by the North Shore community policing team who co-ordinated the operation.

A spokesman said: “In response to concerns from residents in the Bispham area, Operation Alleyway was carried out over three days.

“Operation Alleyway involved a number of police resources from the Blackpool North Local Policing Team.

“ The team consisted of both uniformed and plain clothes officers, who worked later shifts, conducting pro-active patrols and responding to a wide range of incidents.

“Good results of the operation included seizing a quantity of cannabis from a vehicle.

“We were also successful in recovering two stolen 
pedal cycles and one stolen moped.

“Traffic officers were able to seize two uninsured vehicles and conducted a number of person and vehicle stop checks.

“Those involved in these offences were dealt with by officers.”

Police have been keen to demonstrate their commitment to reducing crime in Bispham following a reported rise in burglaries, particularly from outbuildings.

During the operation one person received an official warning for possession of cannabis.

Both drivers stopped for having no insurance were handed a summons.

The search for those behind the theft of the moped and both bikes continues.

Blackpool Police have also vowed to tackle drug-related issues in and around North Shore which were raised 
with them through social

Anyone wanting to report suspicious activity should call 101 – or 999 in an emergency.