Stag night reveller jailed for violence

Bradley's Hotel, Albert Road, Blackpool
Bradley's Hotel, Albert Road, Blackpool
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A STAG do reveller attacked the owners of the guesthouse he was staying at after being told to leave the premises.

Marc Reid was trying to find the person he believed had attacked him during an altercation between two groups at Bradley’s Hotel on Albert Road, Blackpool.

Marc Reid

Marc Reid

He ended up punching owner Robert Donnelly and his wife Lesley Donnelly in the face.

A judge at Preston Crown Court said the hoteliers had been trying to keep the peace when the violence arose.

Reid, 34, of Mauchline, Ayrshire, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and assault by beating last July. The defendant and a group of friends were on a stag trip to Blackpool when antagonism occurred with another group in the hotel.

Hilary Banks, prosecuting, said words were exchanged before a fight broke out in the bar and outside in the early hours. Reid was asked to leave.

The Donnellys were in the hallway area when Reid turned and punched Mr Donnelly.

A second blow followed, almost immediately hitting Mrs Donnelly in the mouth. It was later noticed her jaw was deviating to one side when she opened her mouth.

The cost of her resulting dental treatment and implants amounted to £23,700.

Roger Baldwin, defending, said: “He isn’t normally a drunken oaf, but that’s how he behaved on this occasion.

“He was assaulted and was anxious to get back in and find the person who did it. Mr and Mrs Donnelly were blocking his way.

“He doesn’t particularly remember what happened very well. No doubt it was the result of alcohol.

“He struggles to find a reason. He’s extremely sorry for what he did and would put the clock back if he could.”

Judge Heather Lloyd said there were far too many aggravating features to the case to allow a prison sentence to be suspended and jailed Reid for a year.

There appeared to be absolutely no reason whatsoever for striking the couple. She said Reid had shown significant violence and had not merely been a drunken oaf.

She added: “The couple were trying to diffuse the situation which had arisen between your group and another. To a large extent, they appeared to have succeeded.

“Mr and Mrs Donnelly had done nothing to you. They were trying to protect their premises, themselves and ensure nothing blew up out of hand.

“You struck out in what appears to be a completely unprovoked situation.”