Squalid flat at the centre of drugs battle was a magnet for addicts

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These images show the full extent of the squalor left after a group of drug dealers took over a Blackpool flat.

A stained mattress dominates the centre of what was once a sitting room.

And a hole has been smashed through the wall into the kitchen.

Litter and filth covers every surface in the building which became a mecca for addicts and was at the centre of a turf war between drug dealers.

The terraced property had blighted the lives of neighbours living on Bethesda Road for months, Blackpool Magistrates were told.

Magistrates granted a three month closure order on the property

The house on Bethesda Road

The house on Bethesda Road

Granting the order, chairman of the bench Alan Sandham said: “Local residents must be sick and tired of this and we have no hesitation in granting this request.”

Coun Christine Wright, Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for housing, said: “Blackpool Council’s Housing Enforcement team has worked closely with the managing agents to try and deal with this problematic property. Following persistent anti-social behaviour at Bethesda Road, a full closure was the only option left.

“Vulnerable tenants living at the property have been rehoused to different addresses.

“The remaining tenants had caused damage to the property breaking into empty flats, bypassing the electrics.

“ The property was used as a drugs den with numerous visitors to the property including young people seeking drugs.

“The property will be shut for three months and tenants will be arrested if they attempt to get back into the property.

“Closure of this property serves as a reminder that Blackpool Council will take appropriate action, including enforcement action against landlords and tenants when necessary.”

Mike Caveney, for Blackpool Council, said the house consisted of five flats and the authority began closure action by social services raised serious concerns about a young child living there.

He said:” There have been many police visits – six in one month – and there have been reports of fighting, windows being broken and graffiti.”

“Fridges have been left dumped outside and residents have been seen smoking cannabis outside.”

He said the house had been the target for a fight between rival drug gangs.

The court heard that five tenants had been re-homed and the one male continuing to live there will now have to leave.