Sound of power tools at ‘body’ hunt garden

Police started digging at the house on Monday
Police started digging at the house on Monday

The sound of power tools could be heard coming from a back garden being investigated by police in Thornton this morning.

Officers are working to dig up the garden after receiving reports a body may be buried there.

Their ‘painstaking’ effort – which saw forensics experts erect tents and clear the overgrown garden before they started digging – has entered its fourth day.

One neighbour said: “From the noise, I thought they were taking the tents down but when I looked out the window they were still up.

“You can hear power tools, and what sounds like a concrete breaker.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said there have been no significant developments at the semi-detached house, which was boarded up after its last tenant left months ago.

There has not been any find so far that indicates a crime has taken place, the spokesman said.

The Gazette has asked for a further update.