Should Blue Badge holders be able to park where they like?

Yellow lines obstacle in Lytham highlighted by reader Simon Carter
Yellow lines obstacle in Lytham highlighted by reader Simon Carter
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A call has been made for double red lines to be considered as a possible solution to obstructions caused by parked vehicles in Fylde’s town centres.

Motorist Simon Carter was left frustrated as he watched a bus stuck for five minutes on Lytham’s Station Road by a vehicle parked on double yellow lines.

He wants highways officials at County Hall to consider introducing the measure – as seen in London and other key metropolitan centres – which aim to prevent drivers waiting on the particular road marked that way at any time.

Simon, of Lytham, said: “People parking where they want is becoming a real problem – and the ones that seem to cause the most disruption tend to be blue badge holders.

“I am all for the blue badge scheme and think it is a vital part of a disabled person’s life – however it seems some blue badge holders think they can park on any double yellow line wherever it is – even if that means blocking arterial roads.

“I’ve always wanted to know why the council responsible never seems to use double red lines where no one can park at anytime.

“If caught either by the police, traffic warden or camera for more than 10 seconds, they earn you a ticket sent through the post.

“There is no argument at all for anyone parking or unloading on double red lines. It’s irrelevant who was driving, why they were stopped or even if they are a blue badge holder.

“Park on double red lines, it costs you £65 minimum. No ifs, no buts. It would soon stop people parking where they want. I am not saying put them everywhere but there are key sites locally which would benefit from them.

“I recently watched a bus stuck in Lytham with the driver having his hand on the horn for about five minutes.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council stressed that blue badge holders parking on double yellow lines was perfectly legal. He added: “A review of parking facilities throughout Lytham St Annes is currently underway and we would encourage residents to let their local councillors know about any parking issues for inclusion in this study.”