‘Sexy Man’ not guilty of bail breach

Blackpool Magistrates Court.
Blackpool Magistrates Court.
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A MAN found himself in trouble with the law after calling a mobile phone which registered him as “my sexy man” on its caller display.

Keith Woods had been bailed by police on the condition he did not contact his former girlfriend but it was claimed he had phoned her twice.

Woods, 26, of Hemingway, South Shore, denied breaching his bail and was found not guilty of the offence by Blackpool magistrates.

The prosecutor said police bailed Woods on March 9 on the condition he did not contact his ex.

Later that day Woods’ former girlfriend and her sister said the mobile phone in the ex’s possession rang twice within one minute.

Each time “my sexy man” came up on the caller display denoting the call was from Woods.

Woods told magistrates both mobile phones belonged to him.

The one usually used by his ex showed “my sexy man” if he rang it. If his ex-rang it showed on the phone Woods used as “my sexy girl.”

Woods said both phones had been in his home and the police must have given his ex one of them.

When he got home Woods could not find one of the phones, so he rang it twice from the phone he used, to see if he could locate the missing mobile at his address.

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