Sex attack teen gets locked up

Darren Johnson, 18, of Havelock Street, Blackpool
Darren Johnson, 18, of Havelock Street, Blackpool
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A TEENAGER raped a young girl because he hoped she would become his girlfriend, a court heard.

Darren Johnson had been kissing the 14-year-old girl and thought having sex with her would see them become an item.

But now Johnson, 18, of Havelock Street, Blackpool, will spend the next three years in youth custody after pleading guilty to rape.

The court was told the teenage girl had been “freaking out” and repeatedly told Johnson “no”.

She bit his clothing during the ordeal at his house in December.

Johnson, who was 17 at the time, then paid for the girl’s bus fare home.

Hilary Banks, prosecuting, said although the victim told friends about it she did not initially go to the police because she felt scared.

But the attack was investigated when her father contacted police, and Johnson also made his own phone call to officers.

When police arrived at his home, Johnson said: “I called the police because I raped her and I think her dad is going to kill me.”

The girl’s family said what happened had been soul destroying.

Roger Baldwin, defending, said: “He did what he did because he thought if he did that, that would cause her to become his girlfriend. At the time he had no inkling how serious what he was doing really was.”

Johnson was also placed on the Sex Offender’s Register and banned from working with children.

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