‘Scouse Macca’ leader ordered to pay back some of his ill-gotten gains

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The ringleader of a criminal gang that flooded Blackpool with Class A drugs have been ordered to pay back some of their ill-gottens gains.

John Paul Hodgson, who is serving a nine-year jail term for supplying drugs, headed a criminal empire known to drug users in Blackpool as ‘Scouse Macca’, assisted by his right hand man, Trevor Pollard, who is serving nine years.

The gang was responsible for 18,000 separate deals in less than six months but the ring was brought down by Operation Kaleidoscope in 2015.

‘Scouse Macca’ supplied their customers through the use of a single main telephone number that users would call to order drugs. The ‘Macca’ phone, mainly controlled by Hodgson received on average of 357 calls a day to buy drugs.

Trevor Pollard was the middle man for the gang and would courier drugs and cash between Liverpool and Blackpool. During a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing at Preston’s Sessions House Court – which both men refused to attend – Judge Jonathan Gibson found both had benefitted to the tune of £365,920.

Hodgson, 33, of Marmion Avenue, Liverpool, must pay back £8,680. Pollard, 34, of Butleigh Road, Liverpool, had no assets and must pay a nominal order of £1, though the authorities can revisit his finances in future.