Schools rolls out solution to vandalism

Claremont Primary School
Claremont Primary School
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A Blackpool school has been forced to take drastic measures to stop vandals and trespassers.

Claremont Primary School is looking into the possibility of installing special rollers which will prevent yobs gaining access to the school roof.

The Westminster Road school is seeing weekly problems and has asked Blackpool Council for permission to install the rollers.

In a planning document, submitted to Blackpool Council, school bosses have made clear the need for the devices.

A spokesman said: “The proposed new Anti Climb Roller Barrier System will stop or deter unauthorised access on to the existing pitched and flat roof – which is currently suffering vandalism on a weekly basis – and external playground facilities.”

The system the school proposes to use involves rolling plastic cups which are attached to a bar.

When a person attempts to grab them they are designed to spin freely, preventing anyone from climbing up the building and onto the roof.

The rollers would be fitted above the level of the current guttering.