Samurai sword and axe found at ‘drugs den’

Court news
Court news
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A Blackpool house has been shut down by a court amid claims it was being used as a drugs den.

District Judge Roger Lowe granted the seven day closure order on the property on Clifford Road,North Shore, at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Blackpool Council prosecutor Mike Caveney, who applied for the order, said: “There have been multiple complaints about the house with up to 50 people a night visiting it.

“There is evidence of drug dealing and drug taking and street fighting.

“Neighbours are living in constant fear.”

He read statements from two local residents who said they were scared to leave their homes because of the crowds gathering in the street.

He added: “They are taking that awful drug Spice which roots people to the spot. It is unsightly and unpleasant.”

He said council officers found syringes on the premises and a Samurai sword in the kitchen.

“There was also an axe on a couch there ready to use if needed,” he said.

The property was also branded a fire risk.

Granting the application the judge said:”There is evidence the house is being used for criminal purposes and is a serious nuisance to the public.”