Rude awakening for home raider

Blackpool Police
Blackpool Police
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A burglar caught at the scene of his crime tried to pretend he was unconscious in front of police, a court heard.

Stephen Mowles was found by officers crouched in a bedroom corner, next to a wardrobe at the property on Palatine Road, Blackpool.

His girlfriend, Laura Perkins, had ridden off with two bags of stolen property, but was later detained by officers.

Laptops, a CD player, DVD player, a mobile phone and personal items were all taken from the home in June this year.

Mowles, 39, of no fixed address, and 33-year-old Perkins, of Gorton Street, Blackpool, both appeared for sentencing at Preston Crown Court, each having pleaded guilty to the burglary.

Hilary Banks, prosecuting, said the occupants had gone out, leaving their home secure on June 16.

A family member returned that night, to be met with the sight of police patrols.

Both defendants had been detained.

A rear door had been damaged and the man’s bicycle taken from the porch.

Other items of property had gone from the home after a bedroom was searched.

The bike was found some distance away from the home, in an alleyway.

A neighbour had alerted the police on seeing one of the defendants leaving the property.

Officers promptly arrived and Perkins was detained, despite trying to ride off on a bicycle, though not the one that had been taken.

She said: “I’ve not been in the house.

“All I did was carry these bags.

“I know I’ve done something wrong.

“Have you got him, the guy who was with me?”

Mowles was found crouched in the corner of a bedroom at the burgled address.

In the view of the police, he was feigning unconsciousness, but officers got him to stand eventually and he was arrested.

The judge put the case back to September 27, for assessments to be carried out on both defendants.

Mowles and Perkins were remanded in custody to that date.

A community drugs worker said Mowles knew how to cope in prison and drug rehabilitation may be a more onerous sentence to be handed down by the court.

Court told defendant caught ‘red handed’

Richard Archer, defending Perkins, said both defendants were a couple, who wanted to support each other to try and overcome their problems.

He said: “This was a very poor attempt at a burglary, committed in daylight hours.

“She was effectively caught red handed”.

Robin Kitching, for Mowles, asked for the case to be adjourned so that an assessment can take place for possible residential drug rehabilitation.

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