Royal Blood concert thug's victim: 'It was a demented attack. He could kill someone next time'

The victim of a Hambleton teenager, who left her battered and bruised in an unprovoked attack at a Royal Blood concert, said she hopes jail teaches him a lesson.

Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 1:04 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th December 2018, 10:13 pm
Alicia Crook said she has been left with a scar - and emotional scars - after the attack

Alicia Crook, 33, a mum-of-one, suffered facial fractures usually seen in serious car crashes after being punched repeatedly by Charlie Shuttleworth.

After being arrested at his hotel, the 19-year-old, of Sower Carr Lane, said he had been drunk and claimed he turned around to hit the person behind him - Alicia - after having his shirt ripped in the mosh pit at the Manchester Arena.

He was caged for seven months at Manchester Crown Court after being charged with actual bodily harm (ABH) following last November's brutal assault.

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Shuttleworth, who was jailed for seven month

Alicia said: "I think he is a disgrace. He was sobbing but I think he was just sorry he was caught. He was talking about how he was in university and this could impact his life, but what about mine?

"I still have a scar and it's painful when it's cold or wet out. I get really bad aching and throbbing. I have been unable to go back to any gigs or anything.

"I went out one night on my birthday but I have not felt confident in situations where people are drinking and being rowdy anymore.

"Normally I go to festivals in the summer but I have not been, and I can't see myself enjoying that again - or even any gigs."

Outdoorsy Alicia, a professional dog walker from Skelmersdale, was at the concert with her 16-year-old niece and several other people, and knew that Royal Blood gigs tend to get "rowdy".

The designated driver, she was sober, and said she noticed Shuttleworth in front of her when he "looked over his shoulder, clenched his fist, and spun round and punched me in the face", she said.

"I thought he would stop when he noticed I'm a girl but he didn't. I could not see because of the blood."

Alicia said she was pulled out of harm's way as a group of men tried to wrestle Shuttleworth, who managed to flee.

After being treated by medics at the arena, she went to hospital, where she said she saw her attacker receiving treatment to his hand.

She called police who, after speaking to Shuttleworth and taking his hotel address, allowed him to have treatment.

He was later arrested in his room and charged.

"He split my eyebrow in two," Alicia said. "By the time I got to A&E I was vomiting and my whole face was swollen.

"He was very dangerous. It was a demented attack. I hope he learns something because he could kill someone next time."

British Transport Police Det Con Richard King, who was assigned to the case, said: "This was an horrific and completely unprovoked attack on an innocent young woman who was simply enjoying a music concert, only for Shuttleworth to violently attack her.

"Shuttleworth claims his actions were down to the amount of alcohol he had consumed that night. This is a stark reminder that we should all know our limits when drinking.

"Those extra drinks have cost him seven months behind bars and a criminal record."

Award-winning rock duo Royal Blood, made up to Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, made their Manchester Arena debut last November to celebrate the release of album How did We Get So Dark?