Rogue meat threat to health

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People who buy meat on the black market could be putting their health at risk, Trading Standards officers have warned.

Products bought from illegitimate sources may have been poached, with the risk the meat has not been handled hygienically and could even be contaminated by veterinary drugs.

County Coun Janice Hanson

County Coun Janice Hanson

Lancashire County Council Trading Standards and district council food safety officers have joined forces with Lancashire Constabulary’s wildlife crime officers to issue the alert in support of Operation Firecrest, a campaign to tackle rural crime such as poaching, and theft of property and fuel.

County Coun Janice Hanson (pictured), cabinet member for public protection, said: “If you’re offered the chance to buy meat or fish and it’s not from a normal legitimate source you have to ask yourself where it’s come from.

“It may be being sold at a bargain price but is not a good deal if you consider the risks.

“Poachers will also lack the skills and paperwork to tell whether the meat is fit for human consumption, with the possibility the animal was undergoing a course of drug treatment which would require a period of withdrawal before being safe to eat.”

Anyone with information regarding the sale of meat or fish from illegitimate sources can speak in confidence to Lancashire Trading Standards Service on 08454 040506, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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