Robber preyed on the elderly

Sardar Singh
Sardar Singh
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A heartless thief who robbed elderly men has been jailed for six years.

Sadar Singh grabbed £400 cash from a 90-year-old man in his Cleveleys home, after earlier “befriending” him in Blackpool town centre.

Five days later he tried to rob a 73-year-old who put up a struggle, hitting Singh with his walking stick.

Preston Crown Court heard the robber was identified as being responsible by CCTV footage from two buses.

Sentencing Singh, 58, who had pleaded guilty to one charge of robbery and another of attempted robbery, Recorder Michael Murray said: “You attacked two vulnerable elderly gentleman, with a view to gain for yourself.

“There was some degree of planning. You looked out for vulnerable people, in my judgment, to attack.”

The 90-year-old victim had visited a Blackpool building society when he was approached by Singh who insisted on helping and thereafter “stuck to him like glue”

The victim was partially sighted and partially deaf and walked with a zimmer frame.

Singh went with the elderly man to his Cleveleys home where he asked for money.

He was offered some small change, but said he didn’t want it.

The victim went on to challenge him and Singh pushed the man’s arm away and pulled out a wallet from his pocket.

The defendant removed £400 in notes and left.

Singh, of Tinniswood, Preston, pleaded guilty to one charge of robbery and another of attempted robbery. The first offence took place on June 15.

Five days later, Singh approached a 73-year-old man at a Kirkham bus stop.

Both ended up on the same bus.

When the pensioner got off, Singh later went up and shouted he owed him some money.

He grabbed the elderly man around the waist and searched his pockets.

The victim tried his best to fight his attacker by hitting Singh with his stick.

Singh initially ran away, but then returned as the man picked up some papers from the ground and grabbed his wrist, causing bruising.

The victim has since died from complications of Parkinsons Disease.

Singh had a previous conviction for robbing a 76-year-old woman, for which he received four years jail at Bristol Crown Court back in 1996.

That case had involved Singh demanding money to make a phone call.

The woman was pushed to the floor, dislocating her shoulder and her handbag was stolen.

Richard English, defending, said Singh knew the court had no alternative but to pass a prison sentence.

That was a source of real distress to him, Mr English added.

The barrister said: “No excuses are offered for the offences.

“It was an awful thing to do, cruel and mean and frightening.

“He accepts that, is sorry for what happened and is genuinely remorseful.”