Red-faced police officers launched hunt after man escaped from handcuffs and patrol car

Embarrassed officers launched a hunt after a man escaped from handcuffs and their locked police car.

By Simon Drury
Monday, 16th May 2022, 12:21 pm

They managed to recapture the 24-year-old after a chase through the streets of Blackpool.

The man had been arrested and cuffed by police investigating a a domestic incident on Grasmere Road, Blackpool.

He was placed in the rear of the police vehicle which had its back doors locked.

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Police gave chase after a man escaped from his handcuffs and a police car

However, the prisoner managed to free his hands because if his ability to dislocate his own thumbs .

He then clambered over to the front seat opened those doors from inside and ran off down the street to the shock of one of the officers who had been standing near the rear of the car .

The fleeing man was later recaptured by a police dog handler on Central Drive.

He faces an offence of escape from lawful custody which will have to be dealt with at a Crown court.