Raiders got into restaurant through dog flap

The two burglars got into the eaterie through a dog flap.
The two burglars got into the eaterie through a dog flap.
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TWO men who burgled a seafront restaurant while it was undergoing a renovation used a dog flap to break in, a court was told.

One of the intruders fell and cut his head while trying to flee from the Shisha on the Beach building, having been confronted by the occupant.

But then another man was caught trying to get in via the dog flap, while a police officer and scenes of crime investigator were taking details at the scene.

Gary Still, 39, of no fixed address and 41-year-old Paul Gibson, of Haig Road, South Shore, each appeared for sentencing at Preston Crown Court after admitting burgling the premises in August of last year.

Kenneth Grant, prosecuting, said £900 of items were taken during the raid including four CCTV cameras and a box of light fittings.

Other items had been piled up, as though in preparation for collection.

Mr Grant added: “It would appear that a dog flap in the back of the rear door was the point of entry.”

Later that same day the occupant confronted Gibson at the scene. He was running into the back room and fell and cut his head in the process.

The defendant claimed to be looking for a place to sleep. He fled through the front door and over onto the Promenade, but was detained and taken to hospital due to his head injury.

That same day a police constable and crime scene investigator were at the building when Still tried to get in through the dog flap. He was detained.

He was wearing a stolen hooded top and carrying a bag with missing light fittings inside. During questioning, he denied any wrongdoing.

Gibson said he had been homeless for several months and had been looking to get his head down anywhere he could. He claimed to have been assaulted by three men with weapons in the premises.

Both men had previous convictions for burglary.

Ciaran Rankin, defending Gibson, said he had a long history of drug use.

He added: “He is candid enough to recognise he still has issues to deal with ongoing drug problems.

“He is willing to comply with any order the court imposes”.

Andrew Costello, for Still, said he had a drink addiction and was desperate to get into an alcohol treatment programme.

Gibson was sentenced to four months jail, suspended for a year. Still was placed on two years supervision.

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