Puppy left with two broken legs

An Akita NOTE: Not the dog involved in this cruelty case
An Akita NOTE: Not the dog involved in this cruelty case
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A teenager whose puppy had to be put down because he did not get treatment for its broken legs has been brought to justice.

Jamie Andrew, whose Akita puppy was said to have suffered in pain for two weeks or more and could hardly eat, had been on the run for more than six months.

Andrew, 19, formerly of Brun Grove, Marton, now living at Cookson Street, Blackpool, was found guilty of animal cruelty after a trial in his absence.

He admitted two offences of failing to answer bail and attend court.

He was sentenced to 24 weeks jail suspended for 12 months, put on an eight weeks curfew from 8pm to 6am and ordered to pay £300 costs plus £80 victims’ surcharge.

District Judge Jim Clarke sitting at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court also disqualified him from having a dog for five years.

Jonathan Fail, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said following a complaint officials found a female Akita puppy called Hachina, which was struggling to walk, at Andrew’s home on November 6 last year.

The puppy was taken to a vet who found both her hips were fractured and she had suffered some weight loss.

The vet’s opinion was the puppy had been suffering for two weeks or more and because of the condition she was in she was put down.

When questioned Andrew admitted the dog lay down for two or three days at a time, not eating, and he had to bring her bowl to her.

He failed to turn up to be sentenced for the cruelty offence on September 4.

A warrant without bail had been issued and he had just been arrested.

Sarah McIntyre, defending, told the judge that her client, who was not working but had ambitions to join the Army, said he loved dogs.

He had no idea how the puppy’s injuries had occurred and believed at first the limp would resolve itself. Andrew had no money and thought veterinary treatment would cost thousands.