Prison to help addicts

Kirkham Prison
Kirkham Prison
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A FYLDE coast prison is set to launch its new role as a recovery centre for drink and drug addicts.

The substance misuse team at Kirkham Prison will hold its first recovery week aimed at launching the Category D establishment as a recovery-orientated prison.

The events of the week aim to raise awareness around drugs and alcohol among prisoners, staff and families and will include local agencies such as the Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (LDAT) and community groups.

Two ex-prisoners will be stepping back inside to work as drug workers and share their stories about how they turned their lives around after kicking drug habits.

Matt Idle and Mark Shear, who set up project A2nd-Chance, will help people recovering from substance misuse in the community or prison thanks to funding from LDAAT.

Mr Idle and Mr Shear have 25 years of prison service between them and a history of substance misuse but have since recovered from dependency. They want to spread the message that if they can recover from substance misuse, others can too.

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