Prison term for former soldier in damage case

Blackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates' Court
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A former soldier reduced to living rough on the streets of Blackpool has been jailed for 24 weeks.

Twenty-nine-year-old Steven Mitchell, formerly of Lytham Road, now of no fixed address, went down-hill after he received brain damage when he was the victim of a vicious attack in Scotland.

His lawyer Patrick Nelligan told Blackpool magistrates: “He suffered an awful attack which has left him with a legacy of headaches and memory loss.

“He has been self medicating with a mixture of alcohol and drugs.

“He is now homeless.”

Mitchell admitted two offences of criminal damage.

He threw bricks at cars parked in Livingstone Road, Blackpool, causing £510 of damage to two cars and being in breach of bail and in breach of community order.

Mitchell also admitted assaulting a woman in her home.

As well as the jail term he was made the subject of a two-year restraining order forbidding him to have any contact with the woman victim.

Chrissie Hunt, prosecuting, said that Mitchell was known to the woman and was allowed in after bangng on her front door.

They drank spirits together before Mitchell became nasty and threatened to kill the victim and her family.

She called police and he was arrested.

In interview he told police he could not remember what he had done.