Prison staff can’t cope with sex beast

Ross Gleave
Ross Gleave
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PRISON warders have asked the courts for help because they cannot cope with a sex pervert who attacked an 11-year-old girl in Stanley Park.

It is understood to be the first time a serving prisoner has been made the subject of a sex offences prevention order (SOPO) because of his behaviour behind bars.

Ross Gleave was the subject of a massive manhunt when the girl was sexually assaulted in the park in 2008 and was eventually tracked down after an EvoFit image of him appeared in The Gazette.

Gleave, of Mere Road, Blackpool, is currently serving a jail term at Liverpool’s Walton prison for the attempted rape of the 11-year-old girl.

But staff at the jail appealed for help because they could not cope with what the court was told is his “overt sexual manner towards prison staff and fellow prisoners”.

A report said: “This behaviour has consisted of verbal and physical incidents of a sexual nature. Many of these are abusive.

“He has been dealt with by the prison authorities for these incidents but has continued to act in this manner. He has been involved in alleged sexual assaults on prisoners.”

The successful application for the order was made by Lancashire Police. It will last until October 14 when he can contest it via a video link from prison.

Gleave upset the prison authorities last year when he was at HMP Hull when he wrote a letter to a magazine complaining he had to say “please” before staff would serve meals.