Prison fugitive found lying on sister’s couch

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Crime News
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A convicted killer on day release from Kirkham vanished when a prison officer nipped to the toilet.

Brian Lynch was told to wait at a certain spot – but disappeared minutes later.

Brian Lynch

Brian Lynch

He made his way to his sister’s home in Manchester, where police found him lying on the sofa five days later.

Lynch, 45, had been given a youth custody life sentence at Manchester Crown Court back in 1988 for the murder of Chi Keung Yip.

He pleaded guilty to remaining unlawfully at large.

Preston Crown Court was told that at the time of his life sentence, Lynch was given a nine year minimum term but he has to date served some 25 years.

Lynch disappeared while on an escorted day release to Preston city centre in March.

He was accompanied by a prison officer who wasn’t with him all the time, but in close proximity.

Lynch was handed a two months prison term, to run alongside his murder sentence.

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