Prison for vigilante attack with swords

John Granger has been jailed over the attack
John Granger has been jailed over the attack
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A man was subjected to a vigilante style attack in his Blackpool flat when two men appeared at his door armed with Samurai swords.

Peter Keady suffered a number of cuts in the attack at his home in Woodville Road, in the resort.

A court heard he fell victim to the violence after falling in his home and accidentally touching a woman’s chest when he put his hands out to try to break his tumble.

One of the pair involved in the attack has now been given a 28 month prison sentence.

John Granger, 31, from Napierston Road, Dumbarton, in Scotland, had pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawful wounding and a bail offence.

Another man has already been given a jail term for his part in the attack. Sara Dodd, prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, said that Mr Keady had an alcohol problem.

On October 31 last year, after returning from drinking with friends, a woman went to his flat, wanting to borrow cigarettes. Mr Keady seemed to fall and in putting his hands out to try and stop it, ending up touching her around the chest, the court heard.

She left the flat soon after that and told another man what had taken place.

That man had drunk with Mr Keady in the past and, along with Granger, then turned up at the flat.

On answering his door, Mr Keady suffered a knock to the head, which caused him to fall back on to a bed.

Miss Dodd told the court: “Granger and the man had gone round to extract revenge, for the way they believed he had behaved towards the female. Both had Samurai-style swords in their hand and threatened him to stay on the bed or he would be killed”.

Mr Keady was treated at hospital for wounds including a six centimetre cut to the head. Martin Hackett, defending, said: “He stupidly got involved in another man’s argument and tagged along with him.”

He said Granger played a “lesser role” in the attack.

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