Printer attacked man with tool

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A printer punched a man who had previously gone out with his girlfriend, and hit him with a screwdriver.

Alex Turner then hit the man’s friend when he tried to intervene and stop the attack.

Turner, 22, of Rosemary Avenue, South Shore, pleaded guilty to two offences of assault.

Pam Smith, prosecuting, said a man and his friend drove to B&M Bargains, Vicarage Lane, on May 24. Turner then punched the man several times.

Turner got the man in a headlock and as the victim’s friend tried to split them up the defendant punched him. Turner got an 8in screwdriver and told the man : “I’m going to kill you,” before jabbing it at him and hitting him on the head with the tool.

When interviewed, Turner said the man used to go out with his girlfriend. He accused the man of stirring up trouble. Turner said he had picked up the screwdriver like a baton.

Robert Castle, defending, told magistrates his client said the man had said some deeply unpleasant things about his girlfriend. Turner was deeply apologetic.

Turner was sentenced to a three-month curfew from 8pm to 6am, put on rehabilitation for up to 10 days to be supervised by the probation service, ordered to pay £100 compensation to the man he first attacked and £50 compensation to the man’s friend, plus pay a £150 court charge, by Blackpool magistrates.