Policeman thought he was witnessing murder

Dale Hanson
Dale Hanson
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A POLICEMAN who saw a man stamping on another man’s head in a Blackpool street thought he was witnessing a murder, a court heard.

Preston Crown Court was told the gory details of a violent episode which took place in Caunce Street on August 7 last year.

Alan Hollingmode

Alan Hollingmode

Two men were jailed for their part in the brawl, which left one of the victims unconscious.

Dale Hanson, 21, of Coronation Street, Blackpool, was sentenced to 27 months. His co-defendant, Alan Hollingmode, 22, of Hackworth Close, Scholes, Wigan, was given a 25-month prison sentence. Both had pleaded guilty to violent disorder.

Paul Brookwell, prosecuting, said three young friends had been on a night out in Blackpool. They called at Popeye’s takeaway on Caunce Street and were walking down the street, eating, when they came across the defendants.

Mr Brookwell said it appeared the defendants, who were with another man, had been play fighting or fighting amongst themselves.

The court was played CCTV footage of the incident.

Hollingmode was seen to run over and punch one of the males in the face. A fight followed. A third unknown man was seen to kick one of the men who was on the floor. Hanson was seen to stamp on someone. Mr Brookwell said: “He appeared to be gripping a garden wall to get more purchase as he stamped on an unconscious man.

“A police officer at the scene thought he was witnessing a murder. Others came out of a nearby address and joined in.”

One of the injured males was taken to hospital unconscious, with swelling to his face and two black eyes. There was a footprint on the left side of his face. A second injured male had blood on the outside of his skull. He went on to make a full recovery.

Andrew Alty, defending Hollingmode, said the defendants and another person were initially involved. Others then joined in.

He said Hollingmode was drunk and genuinely full of remorse. At one point he had been pulling his co-defendant away.

Mr Alty said: “The offence wasn’t planned. The attack was two-and-a-half minutes long, not a considerable period of time.”

Chris Hudson, for Hanson, said his client had a significant drink and drugs problem and was “sorry for this disgraceful offending”.