Police discover suspected drugs haul

suspected drugs recovered from a car stopped in Blackpool
suspected drugs recovered from a car stopped in Blackpool
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Police seized several bags of what is believed to be cannabis and £300 in cash following a vehicle stop in Blackpool.

The incident happened in Elizabeth Street, Blackpool at around 9pm on Monday.

Members of the Brunswick neighbourhood policing team spotted the car being driven erratically around streets close to the town centre.

A search of the car and its occupants revealed the suspected drugs haul, which was made up of three large bags.

A 21-year-old man from Cleveleys was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply and has been released on bail.

The substances recovered will now be tested and valued.

Blackpool Police is hoping a significant quantity of cannabis has been taken off the streets.

A spokesman said: “It’s always good to remember that drug supply brings crime into neighbourhoods as many people steal to fund their habit

“Violent crime can also occur when rival dealers meet or deals go wrong.

“There’s more to it than taking a bit of weed off the street.”