Police declare war on violent crime

A group on the street and (below) Sgt James Martin of Lancashire Police.
A group on the street and (below) Sgt James Martin of Lancashire Police.
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POLICE have waged a war on drunken louts in Wyre in order to reduce violent crime in the borough.

Officers say changes in their shifts have led to increased patrols in the town centres of Poulton and Fleetwood at key times on Friday and Saturday evenings to stamp out alcohol related anti-social behaviour.

Sgt James Martin of Lancashire Police.

Sgt James Martin of Lancashire Police.

Sgt James Martin, licensing officer for Lancashire Police, said the move has been effective in driving down violent crime.

He added: “We know drinking increased amounts of alcohol can lead to people committing violent crime, which they may not necessarily do if they were sober.

“Being drunk can also make you more vulnerable and susceptible to becoming a victim of crime yourself.

“Our officers are usually busier on Friday and Saturday nights because these are the evenings when more people are going into town.

“We have tailored our patrols so our presence can prevent crime from happening in the first place.

“We are also assisted by members of the Pubwatch scheme, door staff and groups like the Street Pastors – all of whom are making our towns a safer place to be at night.”

Among the measures brought in this year are “direction to leave” orders, which are given to individuals if police believe the person’s drunken behaviour could tip over into disorder or violence.

Officers also carry out pub walk-throughs to see if the venue and its staff are meeting licensing criteria.

Since February, 101 people have been given the orders in Fleetwood and Poulton, 50 people have been stopped and searched and 66 arrests have been made in relation to being drunk and disorderly.

Officers have also checked 390 venues in north Lancashire during the same period.

Sgt James Martin said: “There are lively night time economies in our towns and we are committed to ensuring people can have a good time.”

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