‘Pathetic’ rapist locked up for life

Carl Weston, 42, formerly of Adelaide Street, Fleetwood, has been sentence to life in prison.
Carl Weston, 42, formerly of Adelaide Street, Fleetwood, has been sentence to life in prison.
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A violent rapist who lied about being attacked by gangsters to cover his tracks after brutally beating a woman has been jailed for life.

Carl Weston, 42, formerly of Adelaide Street, Fleetwood, has been branded “cowardly” and “pathetic” after he punched one of his victims, threw a hot drink over her and sprayed deodorant in her face before raping her.

Weston, who is also known by the surname Needham, was told he will serve a minimum tariff of seven years and 330 days behind bars by a judge at Manchester Crown Court yesterday.

Following a two-week trial in December, Weston was convicted of rape, grievous bodily harm and two counts of false imprisonment relating to two separate incidents in 2012.

In March that year he kept a woman prisoner at an address in Fleetwood before fleeing to Greater Manchester, where he committed further offences.

In December 2012, he became enraged after being confronted in the street over an unpaid £600 drug debt.

He and his victim, who was known to him, went inside and after she said she could not afford to help him clear the debt he turned violent.

He launched into a sustained attack, punching the woman so hard that her lip split and spraying aerosol deodorant in her eyes.

He also threw hot tea over her head, hit her with a dustpan and verbally abused her.

He then raped her and kept her against her will before she later managed to escape and raise the alarm.

Det Con Siobhan Emmett, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “This woman was so badly injured by Weston that she had to cut some of her hair off to remove clotted blood and the tea that had been thrown over her .

“But rather than face up to what he had done, Weston tried to lie his way out of it. He told friends the couple had been attacked by ‘gangsters’ and even claimed that sterile strips bought to treat the victims split lip were to treat a totally bogus wound he pretended that he had suffered.

“Of course there was no such wound, only a pathetic attempt to cover his tracks after putting this woman through a terrifying ordeal – and all because he was worried about an unpaid drugs debt.

“His actions were violent, cowardly and wicked and purely to satisfy his own needs. He deserves every second of his prison sentence.”

Det Insp Andrew Bunn, head of Lancaster’s public protection unit, said the incident in Fleetwood has left his victim emotionally scarred.

He said: “This was a nasty ordeal for a vulnerable victim who will have to live with this ordeal for the rest of her life, and I welcome the court’s decision to imprison such a dangerous individual.”

Weston was jailed for life for the attack in Greater Manchester, to be served concurrently with a five-year jail term for falsely imprisoning the woman in Fleetwood.

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