Passport blunder nails burglar to scene of crime

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A burglar left a tell-tale clue for the police, in the shape of a passport letter, when he struck at a Poulton home.

Aaron Taylor had been involved in trespassing at the address on Blackpool Old Road and interfering with a vehicle parked outside.

The document addressed to him was found in a bag directly outside the burgled home.

A court heard Taylor went on to be arrested for the crime, but while on bail burgled a home in Blackpool the following month.

Taylor, 19, of Raikes Parade, Blackpool,was given 20 months youth custody when he appeared at Preston Crown Court.

He had pleaded guilty to two offences of burglary, plus one of vehicle interference.

The court heard the occupier of the home on Blackpool Old Road heard the dog bark just before 4am one morning in April this year.

Tony Longworth, prosecuting, said he then noticed the lights flashing on his mother’s car outside.

Someone was trying to get into the passenger seat and there was a second person in the driver’s seat. The son banged on the bedroom window and they ran off.

It turned out that bathroom and kitchen windows at the house had been opened before car keys were removed from inside the property.

The police were called and a bag was found immediately outside the house. It contained items of clothing and a passport letter addressed to the defendant.

Taylor had been released from custody in January after serving time for offences of battery and damage.

He was on bail when he carried out the second burglary at a family home on Brook Street, Blackpool in May.

Around £370 of property was taken from the home.

The list included an XBox 360 with a controller and games, some jewellery and a rucksack.

‘Aimless and chaotic lifestyle cannot last’

Nick Kennedy, defending, said before this year, Taylor had never previously committed a burglary.

He had had a very depressing and troubling upbringing and childhood.

He said: “There are issues he is struggling to come to terms with. That poor emotional state is essentially the reason why he appears to have a fairly chaotic and aimless lifestyle.

“His aimless and chaotic lifestyle cannot last, or something very serious is going to happen”.

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