Partner jailed over assault

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A MAN who launched a vicious attack on his partner has been jailed.

Preston Crown Court heard how Thomas Cawley punched, slapped and kicked the woman and smashed her head into the floor.

Thomas Cawley

Thomas Cawley

He was tracked down by police who followed drops of blood which led to a cupboard he was hiding inside.

He was bleeding from a cut to his chin and the court was told his victim had grabbed a steak knife, during the attack, and lunged towards him in a bid to get free.

Cawley, 36, of Forshaw Close, Fleetwood, pleaded guilty to an offence of assault occasioning actual bodily harm relating to an incident in June at a flat on Poulton Road, Fleetwood.

Michelle Brown, prosecuting, said an argument arose after the couple had been out drinking. The woman had around two litres of cider, but the defendant drank seven to eight litres of cider.

Following their return to the flat, an argument erupted over a coat.

This developed into a row about the remote control. Cawley smashed a TV box in the lounge area before hurling abuse at the woman, giving her a back-handed slap across the face and then dragging her into the kitchen by her hair.

Miss Brown added: “She struggled to scream as the defendant had her by the throat area in the kitchen, which was in darkness.”

She picked up a steak knife and lunged towards Cawley, not knowing if she had made contact.

Miss Brown added “While on the ground she sustained kicks to the head, body and chest area. The defendant tried to bite her nose area, but she put a hand over her face and a very minor laceration was caused to her hand.”

A woman flatmate saw Cawley open his mouth wide as if to bite his partner. She ended up crying and bleeding.

When police arrived the victim told them she may have stabbed Cawley as she had wanted him to stop.

They were concerned and went looking for him. He was not home, but at his sister’s address, drips of blood were seen leading to a cupboard. The defendant lay inside it.

Paul Robinson, defending, said it was clear his client had a history of alcohol abuse.

Cawley was sentenced to a total of 26 months jail yesterday. His overall term includes four months for breaching two suspended sentences.

Judge Heather Lloyd said: “Men who batter their partners are bullies. They are cowards.

“You have previous convictions for violence. You were out of control. Violence towards any woman, a partner or otherwise, is not acceptable to the courts and of course, will be punished.

“It was a sustained attack. It is sheer good fortune your partner wasn’t more seriously injured.”

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